2 Stops to Make Between Florence and Rome

Leon and I stopped in two places on our way to Rome from Florence and thought they deserved an honorable mention.

Leon and I stopped in two places on our way to Rome from Florence and thought they deserved an honorable mention.

We didn’t want to take the long way to Rome so Leon threw me his phone and told me to find a place to stop for a glass of wine along the A1 Autostrada.  After a 5 minute Google search, I settled on Altarocca Wine resort, located by Umbria, Italy.  Unfortunately, my directional skills are less than par and I missed the turn-off to go up the paved hill to our destination.  The map showed another way around, so I went with that.  Within minutes into this second route we found ourselves creeping up a bumpy dirt path that scaled a rural mountain.  We were both freaking out because the road, err- trail, was awfully narrow and extremely rocky with no places to turn around.  We trudged on with Leon saying “oh shit” the entire way; certainly a rock was going to pop one of our little feeble Fiat tires.  20 minutes into bush whacking, the brush parted ways and we passed the cutest little house perched on the mountain.  After this, the road was much better and we finally got to our destination (our blue car was now light brown). We were pleasantly surprised.  For blindly choosing a spot to stop at, we hit the jackpot.  This winery was a “wine resort” with a beautiful pool deck and bar looking over the Tuscan landscape.  We asked the employees working on the pool deck where we could go for a drink (because surely the pool was just for people who are staying at the resort), but no, they told us to sit at a table and they served us right there as we absorbed the view.  We tried 4 different wines, whites and reds and loved each one of them.  This place is a gem! At around €140 a night, we will surely be staying the next time we visit.

Tuscan Drive 2017-2216Tuscan Drive 2017-2232Tuscan Drive 2017-2225Tuscan Drive 2017-2226Tuscan Drive 2017-2256

Not far from Altarocca wine resort we spotted the majestic city of Orvieto, perched atop of a rocky mountain.  This was our second destination.  The drive had us spiraling around the cobblestone city walls of Orvieto.  This was nothing like I had ever seen.  Inside the walls of the town things were very quiet, however little crowds of people gathered to admire the stunning medieval Cathedral which was adorned with beautiful mosaics.  We walked around a bit but had to retreat back to the car as it was SCORCHING hot, but not before snapping a couple pictures.

Tuscan Drive 2017-2259Tuscan Drive 2017-2270Tuscan Drive 2017-2279Tuscan Drive 2017-2285

Besides all of the casualties stuck to our windshield, the terrain between Florence and Rome was beautiful as it whizzed by my window at 140 kph.

Zadar, Zrče Beach and Plitvice Lakes

A couple days of a lot of ocean and the most beautiful Lakes I have ever seen.

This trek of the journey was eventful, to say the least.

Where we stayed

We stayed in MY FAVORITE Airbnb of the trip right in the center of the city.  However, It was pretty loud in the room at night (until about 1am) because of an open-air bar right outside the windows.  Luckily we didn’t get home much sooner than 1 a.m each night!

Parking can be tricky, but luckily our Airbnb host showed us where there was free parking right outside the city (about a 7 minute walk away from our Airbnb).  The free parking was at the back of a paid parking lot on a gravel area, so it was a little tricky to find.

this was our Airbnb.


Zadar has some “must see’s”.  The infamous Sea Organ is one of them.  You can sit on long broad steps that descend into the ocean, watch the sunset, and listen to the Sea Organ.   The Sea Organ is powered by the waves. The stronger the waves, the louder the Sea Organ is.  I suggest you go half an hour before the sunset to grab a spot.

Another must see in this area is “The Greeting to the Sun”.  It’s an outdoor light-up dance floor which is located steps away from the Sea Organ  (you can kill two birds with one stone).  Please don’t do as the tourists do and lay on the dance floor, that’s gross :).

We had drinks and breakfast smoothies (on different days) at The Garden; an outdoor garden club on top of the city walls.  At night it has a really cool relaxed slightly bourgeois vibe; they have beds in the center of the lounge and white couches surrounding the bar area.  During the day you can sit in a airy white cabana to eat your healthy meal.  They have fresh squeezed juice, fruit smoothies and healthy breakfasts.  It’s really stunning.  I don’t have any photos because I forgot to put the battery in my camera that day (this was the day after Zrče beach, you’ll put the pieces together shortly).

Zadar The Garden Lounge Menu

We went for dinner on the patio of Restaurant Bruschetta for a nibble to eat. We ended up getting a bottle of wine and a couple appetizers and only really liked the truffle bruschetta.  The pizza looked really good though (yes we messed up).  We sat beside a table of around 10 local women and watched them chain-smoke for 2 hours. HOW DO YOU EVEN TASTE YOUR FOOD.  I was almost impressed.

We rented a boat and it may have been the best decision we made our whole trip Well, other than bringing a ton of booze and one small container of warm yogurt.  Yes I did lose an entire toenail that day… luckily this mishap happened after the alcohol consumption..

Boating cost around 170 Euro for the whole day, including the gas.  Leon got his boat license the week before just in case he would need to rent one of the boats. According to the boat rental website they do require a boat license if you’re renting a bigger boat, but, no one asked to see it the day of.

Europe 2017 (10 of 12)

Views from our boat in Zadar Croatia

Zadar, Croatia, Boating

Plitvice Lakes National Park

We actually stopped at the Plitvice Lakes on our way to Zadar from Zagrab and JUST barley got in before they stopped letting people through.  I recommend planning on spending at least 4 hours there (before 7pm) and wear your walking shoes because that’s what you’ll be doing the entire time.  This national park was magical and there is a lot to see.

Europe 2017 (7 of 12)

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Europe 2017 (4 of 12)

Zrče Beach for the day..

Getting to the island of Pag is really quite beautiful.  As you drive upwards the land gets very brown and desert-like until you eventually start descending back down to lush landscape and civilization.  Zrče is a party beach on the island of Pag with a bunch of massive day clubs where people quite literally get obliterated and make out with each other.  BUT, we were a teeny bit early in the season for all of the inappropriate festivities (the clubs weren’t packed to the brim).  We started off at Euphoria Club which was my favorite; we sat in nice loungers, jumped off of the club deck into the ocean when we got too hot and sipped on (really strong) drinks.  Somewhere between this club and our 3rd? I got tipsy and lost both of our drivers licenses and Leon’s Visa (Okay fine, I was wasted out of my little tree).  To be fair, this one club, Aquarius, was promoting a buy one JUG of mojito, get one JUG free. Anyway, Zrče is really cool and the beaches are beautiful and sandy.  Expect to see some boobs.

Here’s a sober video of myself dancing in a “pool” about 2 feet deep…

If you do go in July or August, please please please be safe. It’s surprisingly easy for things to get out of hand due to the scorching sun and the aggressively strong drinks. Things can get unsafe very quickly If you don’t have a 200 pound boyfriend following you around everywhere.  Also note that the ratio from guys to girls was 5:1 – ladies watch  yo-selves.

Don’t skip Zagreb!

I’ve come across some travel blogs telling people to skip Zagreb which BOGGLES MY MIND.  One person even said it lacked History… sorry, what?

Where we stayed

We stayed at Leon’s parents cute little apartment just outside of the old town and drove into the old city center.  side note –  There are blue and white and yellow lined parking spots on the street, only park within the white lines with the big ‘P’ sign above – yes I know this because we got a parking ticket.

What we Did

We got the heck out of the new city (yes, yes it’s not very pretty – i can agree with that), parked, and then walked to the breathtaking Zagreb Cathedral of Assumption.  Remember, like most churches, if you want to be able to step inside, you must have something to cover your shoulders.  Me being “scantily” clad, I could only poke my head in.

Europe 2017-1677Europe 2017-1678

A 10 minutes walk away from the Cathedral you will find Strossmayer Promenade.  Here you get great views of the multicoloured rooftops of the Old Town (also known as Gornji Grad). The surrounding area is adorable too; we even happened upon a interesting festival while we were soaking in the scenery.

Europe 2017 (1 of 1)Europe 2017-1661

Also located in Upper Town is the unique St. Mark’s Church.  This church is distinctive because of it’s vibrantly colored tile roof which bears the coats of arms of Croatia, Dalmatia, Slavonia, and Zagreb.  This area is the oldest in the city and possesses countless stunning historic buildings and museums.

Europe 2017 (1 of 1).jpgEurope 2017-1655

I had an extremely interesting experience while walking to our dinner spot in the center of the city.  Before I explain, a little history – Back in 1731, legend has it that all of the houses and surrounding area around the eastern wooden gate, Kamenita Vrata or also known as Stone Gate, were burnt to the ground.  However Stone Gate, which was embedded with a painting of Jesus and Mary inexplicably remained untouched.  Today you can find the painting  in a shrine, protected by a metal enclosure.

Unbeknownst to us at the time, around dusk people gather in and around the tunnel to light candles and pray.  We’re talking hundreds of people crammed around this tunnel.  I was very inclined to find a way around, BUT, nothing gets in the way of Leon and his dinner so he grabbed my hand and we started walking down tiny center isle.  The sea of people split down the middle as we slowly made our way through the crowd and I could feel everyone’s gaze on us as they loudly chanted their prayers.

This all lasted for about 2 minutes (felt like an eternity) and I definitely felt like I was about to be sacrificed.

We came back later to take a look at the religious site and noticed the dozens of marble bricks surrounding the shrine.   The small bricks generally say “Thank you Mother”.

Europe 2017-1692Europe 2017-1691

Not too far from the Stone Gate is the pedestrian-only Tkalciceva StreetThis is a must see in Zagreb.  Not only is this street full of history and beauty as you will find old houses that are now turned into cafés; Tkalciceva Street is quite lively at night because of the bars and restaurants with outdoor seating.  This long street screams people watching potential and is probably so popular because of it.  Croatians love to see and be seen.

We settled on a cozy spot on the patio of Pivnica Mali Medo to have some Istrian beer.  Their lager was very large, very tasty and reasonably priced.

Going along with our ever prevalent patio theme, we ate dinner on the terrace at  Restaurant Agava located on Tkalciceva Street.  I suggest making a reservation if you are planning on dining during the weekend because this spot was very busy.  To eat, we opted to share a salad and the entrée chicken (which was phenomenal).  Dinner was scrumptious and the venue is extremely romantic (if you’re looking to go on a hot date).

All in all I really enjoyed Zagreb.  Don’t skip it, visit and form your own opinion about it (and learn about the history)!

A stop-over in Opatija

This is the shortest blog post of all time but I felt that Opatija needed a shout out because it’s so darn cute! Opatija looks like a little romantic Italian city and as soon as I laid eyes on this gem I instantly regretted not spending a night.

What we did

First thing we did was grab a gelato and walk down the stunning seaside promenade.  We noticed that there are no real beaches in Opatija but little sheltered bays that you can walk down a couple steps to go for a dip.

Europe 2017-1609.jpg
P.S. Croatians love their speedos 

We found the stunning patio at  Restaurant Argonauli which overlooks the promenade. We had most amazing lunch ever.  It was absolutely delicious and the service was the best we received in Croatia.

Europe 2017-1623Europe 2017-1632Europe 2017-1631Europe 2017-1628

Truffles are a culinary highlight of north-western Istria.  Personally I don’t even like mushrooms and I love anything to do with Truffles.  So you can’t use that excuse not to try it!

Okay done! Told you it was short!


Why you MUST visit Rovinj

Rovinj a 40 Minute drive from Pula and MUST be on your list.  Rovinj is full of old-world charm with its cobblestone alleyways, local sidewalk singers, amazing gelato and the most dreamy harbor (especially when the sun is setting).

What we did:

As soon as we got there we bought a gelato from one of the many little gelato stores that line the boardwalk and made our way down the pier that is located in the center of Rovinj.  There is usually someone singing in that square so if you get lost, just follow the music!

Europe 2017--11
my iPhone photo doesn’t do it justice

We ate on the patio at Maestral, which is on the harbor located across the water from the old town.  You get a spectacular view of the town which is perched on a hill at the edge of a peninsula.  At the very top is the Church of St. Euphemia. IT IS SO PICTURESQUE. The restaurant was great too – the truffle pasta is delicious.

Europe 2017--4
here’s an unattractive photo of my half eaten ravioli

Our second night we ate at  Pian del Forno (it was average).  We chose this place because we were super hangry and in a hurry to get something to eat before the sunset.  It also was nice to sit outside.  The jumbo pizza is very jumbo indeed.

Europe 2017-1526

Europe 2017-1525

We made our way to Valentino Cocktail and Champagne bar for a little late night bevy.  This is probably the most romantic lounge in Rovinj as you can catch a sunset as you literally sit on the waters edge. There are pretty blue lights illuminating the water from below so you can sip on your drink and catch a glance at an occasional fish swimming by.

You can walk right up to the Church of St. Euphemia. It has been notably overlooking the town since 1754 and is beautifully illuminated at night. It looks so amazing and grand it was basically life changing.

Europe 2017-1535

If you don’t believe me that this place is magical yet, Rovinj has the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. The sun sets right over the water and lights up the whole sky. We literally drove back to Rovinj a second time so we could buy a delish bottle of Istrian wine and sit on the waters edge to soak it all in. [Side note], the wine in Istra is not commonly exported and even the most inexpensive bottle is absolutely delicious.

This place is an absolute gem.

Europe 2017-14
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Exploring Pula

We toured around Pula with our little Fiat van but once you are in the center of Pula you can walk across the entire city in about 45 minutes.

What we did:

Our first stop was the Market Hall.  We literally bought the best cherries I have ever tasted IN MY LIFE (for really cheap too). We also stocked up on fresh vegetables. Has anyone ever noticed that local European tomatoes are way more vibrant red than the ones in North America and taste WAY better?  Oh, and There are also pastry shops everywhere. Don’t leave Pula without heavily indulging. Seriously.

In the main square of old town you will find the Temple of Augustus. There are a few ancient ruins littered around Pula, but this one was my favorite. There are a ton of little coffee shops to choose from in this square but go to Cvajner café! You get an unrestricted view of the Temple AND it’s super cute inside.

Europe 2017-1420

Europe 2017-1602

The Pula Arena  is one of the most well preserved Roman amphitheaters in the world. Entrance fee is 40 Kuna but you can see everything you need to see from the street. Personally, I recommend enjoying the Arena views at Caffe Bar Scala and have a nice 9 a.m. beer (hey, the locals were doing it).

Europe 2017-1440

Europe 2017-1454

One of the afternoons we lunched at Ambrela Lounge & Restaurant, which is about 2 km from the city.  We felt no need to venture down to the popular and sandy Ambrela Beach as we could easily people watch from the balcony above…with our bottle of wine.

Europe 2017-1470.jpg

Istrian wine isn’t typically sold in Canada so Leon and I went to a local winery in Pula to try it out. We ended up choosing to go to Trapan Winery.  You really get a local feel here as the winery tasting is literally in someone’s house. It was a tad expensive at 150,000 kn for tasting five wines plus some cheese and crackers. But, that being said, I loved most of the wine and the young lady that was conducting the tasting was absolutely amazing! Not only was she extremely knowledgeable about the wine, she was extremely personable.

Europe 2017-1483

Europe 2017-1484

Out of the City:

Our last day in Pula we decided to try and find the hidden Blue Caves at Grotte von Pula.  At first we were hoping to rent some kayaks. When we realized there were no kayaks for rent, we bought a hot pink floaty.  There’s a trail just right of the dirt parking lot that takes you to flat-ish rocks with amazing views of the crystal clear blue water.  If you keep walking you’ll see a bunch of people cliff jumping.  This is where we decided to float.  Under where people are jumping (yes, watch for falling bodies) you can take your floaty into a cave!! It is VERY dark and kind of scary, but if you go during tourist season, there is bound to be someone with a light also going in. Very cool!

Check out this handy map here!

Europe 2017--3

Europe 2017--2

I had to do a separate blog post of Rovinj because I got too excited and wrote too much. View it here – seriously go, it’s only 40 minutes away from Pula.