Why you MUST visit Rovinj

Rovinj a 40 Minute drive from Pula and MUST be on your list.  Rovinj is full of old-world charm with its cobblestone alleyways, local sidewalk singers, amazing gelato and the most dreamy harbor (especially when the sun is setting).

What we did:

As soon as we got there we bought a gelato from one of the many little gelato stores that line the boardwalk and made our way down the pier that is located in the center of Rovinj.  There is usually someone singing in that square so if you get lost, just follow the music!

Europe 2017--11
my iPhone photo doesn’t do it justice

We ate on the patio at Maestral, which is on the harbor located across the water from the old town.  You get a spectacular view of the town which is perched on a hill at the edge of a peninsula.  At the very top is the Church of St. Euphemia. IT IS SO PICTURESQUE. The restaurant was great too – the truffle pasta is delicious.

Europe 2017--4
here’s an unattractive photo of my half eaten ravioli

Our second night we ate at  Pian del Forno (it was average).  We chose this place because we were super hangry and in a hurry to get something to eat before the sunset.  It also was nice to sit outside.  The jumbo pizza is very jumbo indeed.

Europe 2017-1526

Europe 2017-1525

We made our way to Valentino Cocktail and Champagne bar for a little late night bevy.  This is probably the most romantic lounge in Rovinj as you can catch a sunset as you literally sit on the waters edge. There are pretty blue lights illuminating the water from below so you can sip on your drink and catch a glance at an occasional fish swimming by.

You can walk right up to the Church of St. Euphemia. It has been notably overlooking the town since 1754 and is beautifully illuminated at night. It looks so amazing and grand it was basically life changing.

Europe 2017-1535

If you don’t believe me that this place is magical yet, Rovinj has the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. The sun sets right over the water and lights up the whole sky. We literally drove back to Rovinj a second time so we could buy a delish bottle of Istrian wine and sit on the waters edge to soak it all in. [Side note], the wine in Istra is not commonly exported and even the most inexpensive bottle is absolutely delicious.

This place is an absolute gem.

Europe 2017-14


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